what are air curtains for doors

air curtain are the gadgets that are placed at the openings which remain open for a long period of time, coextensive with outer air or with premises with the different temperatures. They give an air hindrance between the two territories, not permitting the exchanging of air between them. Subsequently, they help to keep the parameters of the air in commence, in such a way without a doubt add to the energy efficiency of the building. Air curtain for doors is very important for effective warehouse heaters.

Purpose of air curtains for doors

Air curtains for doors are a fan-controlled gadget that makes an imperceptible air obstruction over the doorway to isolate productively two different conditions, without restricting people's access.

· The energy saving air screen lessens heating and cooling costs by up to 80% while securing the internal atmosphere thus enhancing individuals comfort.

· It keeps the climate clean from bug and insects, dust, contamination, smells, odors and stops hot or cold air entrance.

The working of air curtains for doors depends on a high-speed stream of air that covers all openings. Heated air curtains make comfort as they cross the air screen and keeps up the temperature on the passageway.